Manual Testing


Manual testing is the process of using the functions and features of an application as an end-user would in order to verify the software is working as required. With at Jaiswal, manually conducts tests on the software by following a set of pre-defined test cases.


We are ensuring our clients the completeness of QA manual testing with high level test plan that leads to a set of important test cases. We prepare the detailed test cases using best manual testing tools for identifying the clear and concise steps to execute with their expected outcomes and snapshots. We covered major functional, non functional Software Testing & Quality Assurance Services in India including acceptance and fitness of the system under test, its security and usability among other things. Our skilled tester also provides the end to end as well as browser compatibility testing of the application.

                                    Manual Testing Operating Model

Write Test Cases

Once you understand the requirements, you can write test cases – another crucial part to manual testing

Conduct The Test

Once the test cases are written and the testing environment is prepared, it’s time to begin testing. Using TestLodge, We follow the test cases and mark each test as “passed”, “failed, or “skipped”.

Log Good Bug Reports 

Writing good bug reports helps you and your team. You’ll save yourself time when answering questions about the bug later.

Reports on the test results

After running tests, it’s good to know the results of the tests at a high level.